I have elevated the businesses and careers of 5000+ professionals.

I did that by teaching them how to be the trustworthy thought leaders on LinkedIn. Now, it's your turn!

LinkedIn transformed me from a classic 9-5 employee to a founder, a media figure, and an advocate for personal branding.

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Who this course is for?

It is for founders, coaches, and communicators. It is crafted for professionals who need a system for creating opportunities while enjoying time freedom.

What you'll learn

This hands-on practical journey shall provide you with a "proven business growth system". You'll learn the following:

  • Discover your unique value proposition. Craft it as the solution for your target audience's specific pain.

  • Build a magnetic profile with your unique value proposition to be the "trustworthy go-to person".

  • Create high-quality, consistent content that grabs attention and sparks engagement.

  • Grow your network and initiate business-generating conversations authentically.

  • Convert those conversations into real opportunities.

What my happy students say

“Aside from being a subject matter expert in online marketing, social media, and personal branding, Fady is a pleasure to work with. He has excellent skills and quickly gets to the core of the challenge. He consistently exceeds expectations when offering solutions!”

Monique Zynik, Vice Chair IABC EMENA

“Fady is a true subject matter expert when it comes to strategies, tactics, tools, and best practices for utilizing LinkedIn for B2B lead generation through building a solid personal brand. It was an amazing experience working with him. ”

Ashraf Bacheet, Co-founder of O7 Therapy

“I love working with Fady. He is an expert on his topic and is generous with his knowledge. He walks his talk and is happy when his clients succeed with his methods. I highly recommend Fady to anyone wanting to grow their business on LinkedIn. ”

Kate Peters, Founder of Vocal impact

“The course was so comprehensive. It helped me design my specific goals and approach and how to target my audience and convert them into clients by elevating my profile, content, and conversion strategies. Plus, changing my mindset about the positive power of personal branding.”

Amanda Davies, Founder of Pinnacle success coaching

“What I learned went beyond understanding how socialmedia works or how to create a presence on social platforms. It is great to be knowledgeable about a topic, but the most important is to be generous in sharing this knowledge. So thank you, Fady Ramzy!”

Zeinab Ghosn، Head of the Regional Communication Centre - ICRC

“Fady skillfully walked me through all the tips and tricks of personal branding. This included creating an attractive LinkedIn profile, improving content quality and frequency, growing my network, and, most importantly, achieving conversions and measuring my LinkedIn activity's success. ”

Rehab Saad, Senior Director of Media Relations & University Spokesperson - The American University in Cairo

“Ready to elevate your personal brand and unlock entrepreneurial opportunities? This course is your ticket to boosting your business and maximizing your impact on LinkedIn. Don't miss out on this opportunity to propel your entrepreneurial journey forward!”

Loui Al Sardy, Research and Teaching Assistant at the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg

“Your regular posts have always inspired me and pushed me to act. Now, with this course coming up, I cannot wait to delve deeper with you and get the full benefit from your experience. Looking forward and always forward and upward, Ramzy”

Zein Ghanma, Public Speaking and Media Handling Coach

“Fady's 6Cs method brilliantly captures LinkedIn's essence! It emphasizes building meaningful relationships over mere transactions, changing how we see LinkedIn from a networking platform to a vibrant community of impactful connections. This course is a must-have for those eager to enrich professional narratives and forge lasting bonds.”

Sara El-Khalili, Chief Communications & Culture Officer

“Struggling to establish and manage my personal brand as a professional and entrepreneur, Fady was my lifesaver. As my consultant, he transformed my personal branding strategy & execution entirely! ”

Magdoline Mounir, Career, Entrepreneurs and Organizational Performance Coach

Course Curriculum

    1. Lesson 1: Why Personal Branding?

    2. Lesson 2: The Magical Triangle of First Impressions

    3. Lesson 3: The Powerful Profile

    1. Lesson 4: How to create great content on Linkedin?

    2. Lesson 5: The anatomy of a Linkedin post

    3. Lesson 6: Effective content formats over Linkedin

    4. Short break to say thank you!

    1. Lesson 7: The powers of conversations!

    2. Lesson 8: From Connections to Conversions!

    1. Bonus Downloads: Slide decks for all lessons

    2. Bonus Guide: Advanced Sales Meetings Mastery

    3. Lets start the journey today!

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 12 lessons
  • 1 hour of video content

Boost your personal brand now

Get the "system" that has empowered thousands of professionals worldwide. They have all unlocked business and career opportunities.

Bonus Material

Everything you need to apply what you learn quickly. You will also have a lifetime access to all course updates that I will be adding regularly.

  • Advanced Sales Meetings Mastery Guide

    $50 worth

    This practical step-by-step guide will help you close deals with the leads you generate using your LinkedIn influence.

  • 15+ Templates and Guides

    These 15+ downloadable guides and templates will help you efficiently build and operate your own LinkedIn "system".

  • 10+ Online resources and tools

    This list of online tools and resources is what you need. All the tools are free, simple, and easy to use.

More about me!

I have 25+ years of experience in online marketing. I am an adjunct faculty member at The American University in Cairo. I am a co-founder of two startups. I am an international speaker, consultant, and media figure.


  • Why should I invest in a course for personal branding?

    Your personal brand is your most valuable asset, but you might not be using it effectively. LinkedIn is the world's #1 business platform, and having a solid personal brand creates unmatched opportunities.

  • But how is this course different than others?

    This is not a playlist of videos that you should watch. It is a transformational, hands-on journey that has helped thousands of learners increase the reach of their content, boost the visibility of their profiles, grow their network, and build a consistent feed of opportunity DMs from their audience!

  • How long can I access this course if I buy it?

    This course is sold for lifetime access. Moreover, I will also be updating this course regularly. I will regularly add and enhance the lessons, templates, guides, and resources. So when you buy the course, you are automatically getting lifetime updates.

  • What is the time commitment needed here?

    This course is built to be modular. It includes three main chapters plus bonuses. The total video duration is 1.5 hours. But you will need to practice what you learn. This will need sometime, according to your own schedule. So the course can be at your own pace.

  • How long will it take to see results?

    It depends on your time and effort to invest in LinkedIn. If you follow the lessons in this course closely, you should see tangible results in 2 to 3 months. You can likely change your life in 6-12 months!

  • Can we get a "team discount"?

    Yes, if you have a team interested in taking this course, please email me at [email protected], and I will be happy to help with a suitable discount.

  • OK, I am ready! What should I do now?

    You should click on the "Access for $100" button below. Start watching. After each lesson, download the guides and templates and start "working on them". After finishing the course, start assembling your "system" based on what you practiced throughout the course.

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